Entering the Camping Business

My husband loved spending his summers camping with his family and he wanted to give our kids a similar outdoors experience. When we were given the opportunity to buy a local campground, I could tell he was really interested.

I’ll be honest, at first I didn’t want to buy a campground, but the more I looked into it, the more interested I became. I thought owning a campground would involve relying only on seasonal campers for our income so I was pleasantly surprised to discover the campground my husband was interested in had several rental cabins that had permanent residents. Plus, it had a contract with a local scouting troupe. Knowing there would be a set amount of monthly income went a long way to allaying my fears.

Not only did we need to make sure the campground would provide us with a livable income, but I also wanted to make sure it would be a fun place for our kids to grow up. They were used to being close to their friends and activities so I didn’t want them to get bored if we lived further away from those things. The campground we were considering had many built in actives such as being close to a lake, several walking trails, and best of all my kids went nuts when they saw the pool.

It has been nearly a year since we joined the campground business and we couldn’t be happier. My family loves our new outdoor lifestyle and running a campground is a great way for us to spend more time together.