SOMETIMES I MISS A RENTAL DETAILThe last time I tried crane hire in Brisbane I forgot to get street permits. I needed those to get permission from the city to use the crane on a public street. We had a detour and flag people ready but I forgot to submit my request for the street allowance.

The next time I tried to rent a crane I had the street allowance permit and all other paperwork in place. I even had a crane operator on site so we didn’t have to have one included in the rental. Then the morning of the crane lift my operator called in sick.

The next time I tried to rent a crane I got someone else on my crew to do it and everything went smoothly.

I may need to keep Daryl around to help with other jobs as I seem to forget the odd thing.

Regardless, the equipment rental business has always been good to us and has worked with us on many jobs, so even though I can’t seem to get all the right things in place when I try to organize the rental they haven’t given up on us.

I’m forever grateful for them, too. They are the best guys to have on the crew as the crane operator is the most interesting guy around. I can’t believe some of the stories they have of lifting everything from elephants to giant pieces of equipment.

They are the best at what they do because they do that and only that.


When Des told me she wanted to be a lawyer I wasn’t sure she was cut out for that kind of career.

She wasn’t the cut throat type. In fact, she was far too compassionate I thought to be much more that maybe a friendly, kind-hearted legal secretary.

Was I ever wrong! Des explained to me she wanted to practice family law and just family law.

The term confused me until she explained that a family lawyer is basically a divorce lawyer but divorce lawyers don’t just finalize divorces. Des explained that they handle a lot more including child custody cases, the distribution of assets following a divorce and much more.

Her interest came from the fact that she wasn’t aware of a lot of female divorce lawyers and she wanted to be able to assist other women without them being intimidated, hurt or financially ruined by a bad divorce.

It was years later when I found out that Des was onto something. A friend of mine was in need of the services of a family lawyer and listed off a number of qualities he was looking for in a lawyer.

What he wanted sounded a lot like Des, although she was still in school.

He was able to find one that matched most of his list and seemed very happy with his choice. I never looked at lawyers as something you would shop for until you found the right one, but it all made sense to me now.

It’s like buying a car as you don’t pick the first one you see.

How I Sold Some Used Rims

How I Sold Some Used Rims The buyer was hesitant and wasn’t sure what he really wanted. I asked him what model and year his car was. It was a 1950’s Porsche, so a real classic car. I explained that he could select chrome or alloy rims or steel . I said that burnished chrome would be ideal and eye catching for this particular high value classic car which he obviously bought to get noticed. I said with such a valuable older model it was worth it to make it look as good as possible. We looked at different widths of rim and I recommended that he also buy a set of new tires to make sure that they were mounted and balance correctly. I know a Porsche can have quite a difficult steering action as it is a classic sporting car.

He wasn’t sure how much he really wanted to spend and was hesitant so I pitched him with a special deal on the chrome rims and some classy tires that would look great on the Porsche. We all remember Steve McQueen in his Porsche 911  in the film Le Mans  and also in a great car chase scenes in the film Bullet shot in San Francisco. So I tried to hype him up on this and sold him some used rims. It was the hardest sale of my life but we finally got there and he agreed the deal. I got him to send me a photograph of him with the Porsche and the new rims.

How to Buy Used Shipping Containers

How to Buy Used Shipping ContainersWe needed a long-term, inexpensive storage solution for our business. We wanted to store our items at our business so renting a storage locker was out and building a storage shed was surprisingly expensive. I saw an ad for shipping containers for sale and it made me wonder if we could use them for storage.

It turns out many people use shipping containers for storage but there are a few things to look out for when you’re buying shipping containers.

Decide how big of a container you need. Shipping containers run from 20 feet to 48 feet long. The container you choose will depend on how much space you have for the container and how much you need to store.

The least expensive shipping containers are sold “as is”. Many times, these containers can have leaks or rust spots because they have been used on multiple shipping trips. We live in an area that has a lot of inclement weather so I wanted a container that was in a bit better condition.

Containers designated as “one trip” mean exactly that. They have had only one ocean voyage before being offered for sale. These containers are the most expensive used shipping containers but they are usually in like-new condition. I also wanted a container made of corten steel which is supposed to stand up well to salt water and bad weather.

It has been a few weeks since we purchased a shipping container and it has been a terrific storage solution for us. I recommend it for any business owner who needs extra storage.

Food Trucks for Sale

There are several places to find food trucks for sale. One easy way to get some great information about food trucks for sale is from current food truck owners. Sometimes they know of other owners who are looking to sell, sometimes they are thinking of selling their own food truck. Even if they don’t have any connections to someone currently thinking about selling, they usually know the name of good food truck dealers.

Besides talking to current food truck owners, I suggest trying to connect with a few people who have owned food trucks in the past. They can usually give you some very honest advice. Basically you can learn from their mistakes. Do a lot of research to find out what all you want in your food truck. They come in a wide variety of set-ups. You will want to find a set up that will work best for your type of food. Otherwise you will end up regretting the purchase and either need to sale yours to buy a different one or spend money to alter the food truck.

I am currently on the hunt for my third food truck. I enjoyed my other trucks. They are actually still working for me. I have staff that runs each one and I just sit back and enjoy watching the money roll in. Each one has a unique personality which goes against what many other multiple truck owners will tell you to do. They figure if you have a good formula, don’t screw it up, and just duplicate it.

A Time in Life

A Time in LifeThere comes a time in a man’s life when you just have to let go.  Usually because there is another part to the equation now, that is also known as wife. Selling our go karts is a hard thing to do, as at least for me, it had been a part of my life since I was 10 years old and enjoyed it up until my early 20’s.  That’s when I got married.

We bought a house that was to be ready for move in a week after we tied the knot, so I had to sell all the things from my apartment, including my go kart which was covered in one of the extra parking spaces at the complex.

I found a place to sell it too, and got a fair deal on it.  I was told that they would make sure it went to a good buyer.  He said that when it comes to go carts, selling our go karts from this store comes with guarantees and extras such as maintenance and so it would be looked after because that was the main draw. Yes they sold other things too such as motorbikes, but they specialized in go karts and would see that it was taken care of.

He actually was impressed with its condition and I told him how I kept it covered and kept maintenance on it as well.  I love my go kart, but I love my wife to be more and this was in best interest of our start on a new life together.

I’ve found hedgehogs for sale!

I never knew hedgehogs were so popular !  I never even thought about. If you want a cute little per with every little trouble to keep it then hedgehogs are for you! They are not cheap at $150-$175 or more but once you see them you’ll want to take one home with you. There are so many varieties, African pygmies, oak brown or white with black eye patches, all different colors, some are cinnamon colored.

I was amazed at how many websites there are for selling hedgehogs all over the United States . people breed hedgehogs for sale and  some of them they say they are licensed by the US Department of Agriculture  and have been selling hedgehogs for years. Finding hedgehogs for sale is easy and they often come with their own cage and toys. I find that breeders give a lot of advice on how to care for your hedgehog and keep it clean. They say that male hedgehogs should not be kept together but females raised together may say in the same cage. They even advise on bedding for hedgehogs. The kids love them and there is no problem in selling hedgehogs if you’re selling hedgehogs your on to a sure fire thing because kids and families love them because they’re so cute and easy to look after. Their spines are hardly ever a problem, so long as you treat them gently. I never thought such tiny animals could play with toys and be  a part of the family.


PINBALL MACHINESI am a vintage items collector, and have been doing this most of my life. From when I got my first job, I would start accumulating the number of my valuable items. At first I was buying antiques and rare paintings, then I moved on to stamps and rare coins, but then I found my true calling – finding and purchasing the relics of electronics past. For me, nothing was more gratifying than finding rare machines that hold a certain nostalgic value, very dear to my heart.

While on my quest to find the best, prettiest and most rare games, I went through and contacted many companies that sell pinball machines. And then I found one that had them all – of various designs, with different backgrounds, add-ons and options. Thanks to them I now have a special ‘video games’ room in my house, where I showcase these precious machines to my guests, as well as occasionally to games magazines and popular websites, as I happen to have a vast collection, which, to be honest, I am quite proud of.

I remember when these video game machines first came out, in the late 70’s and early 80’s, and if you would ask any entertainment company, they all had an abundance of them and could sell pinball machine of any kind and size, but right now, with so many technological innovations and new gadgets, that are improved on weekly, finding a pinball machine of high quality that can be delivered across the world can be quite a challenge.

Caravan Park for Sale

Owning my own caravan park has been a dream of mine for quite some time. I think it would be a wonderful way to get my own property near the seaside. I have checked the prices for seaside cottages, but most are completely out of my price range. If I owned a caravan park, the rental from the caravan lots would help offset the cost of living in such an idyllic situation. I have even found some caravan parks for sale that have a cottage for the owners (or for rental) included in the price of the park.

I am hoping to have this dream come true within the next couple of years. I am currently living in a large city with no room to move and no room of my own. With a caravan park, I will own my own little piece of this planet. I will be able to customize it to my own liking and set the kind of rules for my park to keep it nice and clean with high end customers visiting it. And with the way I plan to keep my park, I hope to be able to command top prices for the caravan spots.

I am working towards my goal everyday by saving my money and I have been trying to learn about all of the details I will need to know to own and operate a caravan park. There is a lot to learn, but I know in the end all of this will pay off if I get to live in a beautiful location.

The Benefits of Titanium Wedding Rings

The Benefits of Titanium Wedding RingsFinding the right wedding ring can be one of the most difficult things that anyone ever does. I know that looking for mine was one of the toughest decisions I’ve had to make. There are just so many styles that I wasn’t sure which one I should get to match my personality as well as my budget. I was finally swayed and decided on titanium wedding rings for a number of different reasons.

One of the first things that I noticed with titanium wedding rings is how much lighter they are than all of the other metals. I never thought that that would be a deciding factor for me in my decision process but it turned out to be a big factor in making that decision. The lightness that titanium brings just couldn’t be matched by any other metal. It was like I wasn’t even wearing a ring at all! My fingers didn’t feel weighed down or anything. When I was trying on other ones I felt like I couldn’t move as freely with the heavier rings and I really didn’t like that feeling at all.

Another reason I chose titanium wedding rings over the other options was the sturdiness. They really feel like they won’t ever bend or break no matter how heavy they are used. It really is nice knowing that I have a ring that will be able to last a lifetime and I won’t have to worry about replacing it any time soon.

The Seven Different Masquerade Masks

At the department store, I saw a replica of one of those masks that looks like a bird’s scull. I think they are a little bit odd but I picked it up to look at it more closely and I was surprised to see it labeled as a masquerade mask. I’m used to masquerade masks that just cover the eyes and have pretty embellishments like crystals and glitter. It made me wonder: How many types of masquerade masks are there?

I looked online and I discovered there are seven common masquerade types. The one I am used to seeing (and that is probably most common) is called a Colombina mask. The bird scull is called a Medico della Peste and it was actually worn by doctors who treated the plague before becoming a masquerade mask.

The Volto is another common mask style. It covers the full face and has basic facial features like eyes and lips. The Pantalone has a similar shape to the Colombina but it also has a long nose. It is supposed to represent a witty jokester.

The Zanni mask is much like the plague doctor mask but it looks a bit more comical. Supposedly, the longer the nose, the dumber the character that is represented.

The Arlecchino is the large, really ornate and colorful mask. Usually it has a large collar or headpiece and it looks like a court jester. The character is supposed to be dim-witted.

The last mask is the Bauta. It is a square-shaped, stern looking mask that was usually worn by men. Historically, it was worn during political events and gatherings so that those gathered could remain anonymous.

Entering the Camping Business

My husband loved spending his summers camping with his family and he wanted to give our kids a similar outdoors experience. When we were given the opportunity to buy a local campground, I could tell he was really interested.

I’ll be honest, at first I didn’t want to buy a campground, but the more I looked into it, the more interested I became. I thought owning a campground would involve relying only on seasonal campers for our income so I was pleasantly surprised to discover the campground my husband was interested in had several rental cabins that had permanent residents. Plus, it had a contract with a local scouting troupe. Knowing there would be a set amount of monthly income went a long way to allaying my fears.

Not only did we need to make sure the campground would provide us with a livable income, but I also wanted to make sure it would be a fun place for our kids to grow up. They were used to being close to their friends and activities so I didn’t want them to get bored if we lived further away from those things. The campground we were considering had many built in actives such as being close to a lake, several walking trails, and best of all my kids went nuts when they saw the pool.

It has been nearly a year since we joined the campground business and we couldn’t be happier. My family loves our new outdoor lifestyle and running a campground is a great way for us to spend more time together.